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ACP Cladding
ALCRAFT is the specialist in supplying and installing aluminium composite panels and other specified cladding materials.

You can use ALCRAFT cladding for all kinds of internal applications, and in external applications up to any height. And you’ll be delighted with the high quality finish…it really is exceptional.

They are ideal for wall cladding, facades and roof edging, commercial interior decoration, tunnel linings, signs, displays and exhibition stands. Use ALCRAFT Metal cladding for a high quality finish & reliable, on-time professional installation.
ACP Cladding can be used for any of the following applications:
External wall cladding, building fascia and facade finishes.
Curtain walls and internal wall finishes.
Rooftop edges, parapet walls and wall canopies.
Spandrel, column covers and beam wraps.
Balconies and patio wall claddings.
Partition and ceiling panels.
Stairways, elevators and kiosk panels.
Advertising display sign boards.
Public and commercial display walls.
Shop sign boards and showroom finishes.
Machine casings and furniture accessories.