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Curtain Walling

ALCRAFT'S mission is to provide our customers with market-leading architectural aluminium solutions that are innovative, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

ALCRAFT'S experience, expertise and in-house engineering bring a higher level of design and fabrication to the most complicated Curtain Wall projects. Our Curtain Wall systems allow for flexibility in design. Custom covers, stool trim and drapery track can be easily integrated into our systems. The curtain wall system is designed for single span, twin-span or multi-span applications. Typically used in mid-rise and low-rise buildings, the system can be designed and engineered to meet the most challenging projects.

ALCRAFT'S curtain walling systems have been developed to create impressive yet functional façades, providing designers with the flexibility to create high performance solutions, which are visually exciting, both internally and externally. Sheer high rise glass walls incorporating complex shapes and uninterrupted views are possible, as are simple but dramatic entrances