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Frameless Shop Fronts & Partitions
The growth of ALCRAFT has been in the frameless glass structure sector with a reputation for frameless atria. Using clamped techniques and now progressing this further with new technology, the simple lines of frameless atrium glazing, shop fronts and fixed screens have become a trade mark of ALCRAFT without compromising the safety of occupants and incorporating the most up to date safety and decorative techniques.
Entrances & glass shop fronts
The design of shop fronts and entrances have become the icon of the store/building occupier and ALCRAFT have designed all glass frameless solutions incorporating today’s requirements for clarity of vision, security and entrance flexibility. With our vast experience in speciality glass, ALCRAFT can also assist in achieving that ‘unique’ look and can project manage the inclusion of any type of entrance system, be it revolving doors, or automatic entrance systems.
Glass atria
With open plan offices and the introduction of large open atria within office cores, ALCRAFT has been at the forefront of glass slab edge atria design, using clamped glass, bolted and framed solutions. ALCRAFT has the experience to take on atria roof and central core glazing in one package whether framed or frameless.
Glass screens
Glass partition screens, whether there is a requirement for protection from fall or not, can be designed with added options for colour, artwork or simply frameless office partitioning. ALCRAFT can provide any glass screen solution, including doors.