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Modular Office Partitions
Our goal is to create office environments that will inspire individuals, motivate teams and bring real benefits to our customers.Our commitment is to deliver a unique office fit out exprience-one built on profressionalism, service partnership and trust.
An Office environment that gets the best from people is more than just a place to work. its about how people work together and how they are motivated to excel.With a custom - designed and planned office interior, your efficiency and output can be increased by up to 50%
An Office environment designed, planned and built by our team will provide a dynamic work environment, an environment that will completely satisfy the needs of employees and enable your business to strive for excellence in productivity cost consciousness, and service delivery.
Modular Partitioning System
Modular Office partitions are an excellent alternative to conventionally constructed walls inside your office or anywhere you need to create divided space. The prefabricated design enables faster installation and because all of the components are prefabricated there's less mess. Faster installation also means less down time in the area of construction.

On average you can anticipate about a 50% time savings when using our modular office Partition design to construct your walls. Another advantage to using modular contruction is that all of the materials purchased to construct your wall system are reusable.

Alcraft's modular wall systems can be utilized for a wide variety of applications. From simple office partitions to sophisticated cleanroom walls, our modular systems provide portability along with structural soundness.